We are a community of lung cancer patients, care givers, advocates, researchers, and physicians dedicated to helping patients with the MET alteration live normal lives.

The MET Crusaders' Mission:

Create & maintain an active community of patients and caregivers sharing their experiences and providing mutual support

Help patient harboring a MET alteration navigate their healthcare options

Advocate for new screening, testing and treatment options

Collaborate with like-minded associations in the crusade against cancer

Our MET Community

The MET Crusaders Facebook Group is a place where patients and caregivers can have personal dialogue. It is the hub of our community. Our Facebook Group is limited exclusively to patients and caregivers. You can freely ask and answer questions. As new developments in research or treatments are available, they are posted to our community. Virtually all data is the latest scientific data from current symposiums. If while reading any materials, you don’t understand the information, please ask.

  • Post your questions & answer other’s questions
  • Share your learnings
  • Join in the conversation
  • Tell your story and if comfortable share your treatment experiences
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Advocating for New Screening, Testing and Treatment Options

MET Crusaders advocates both independently and with other like-minded organizations in the funding of lung cancer research. Tomorrow’s screening, testing and treatments begin with today’s research.

We represent our communities’ needs to doctors, researcher, government and pharmaceutical companies. This advocacy aids in developing the cutting edge therapies which will benefit current and future patients with the MET alteration.

About MET Crusaders

Collaborating with Others

Finding a cure for lung cancer is a huge task. It takes an army of like-minded individuals. MET Crusaders directly advocates for all our members. However, some tasks are so large we need to work with larger national lung cancer advocacy groups who have the scale to accomplish the big tasks. For these large tasks, we work with these national organizations as part of a larger lung cancer advocacy team.