MET Physician Network

The MET alteration is a rare form of cancer.  Only 2% to 3% of NSCLC is attributed to a MET Alteration.  Due to the rare nature of the MET genetic alteration, little is known and few physicians have experience treating patients with MET.

Your physician is the key to a successful treatment plan.  To assist you in finding the right physician, MET Crusaders has developed a list of physicians who have experience with the MET alteration. These physicians are engaged in research, clinical trials and treating patients with MET.  They can provide a second opinion and actively participate in your treatment.

The patient or caregiver will bear the cost these services. Virtually all physicians offer telehealth visits making access easier. You will need to coordinate the physician’s access to your medical records.  Be aware that telehealth restrictions vary by state.

These dedicated physicians also provide guidance to the patient and caregiver leadership team to assure they are aware of recent developments.