Dr. Aaron S. Mansfield, M.D.

Dr. Aaron S. Mansfield, M.D.
Rochester, MN

Associate Professor of Oncology
Co-Director Precision Cancer Therapeutics Program, Mayo Center for Individualized Medicine
Mayo Clinic


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Dr. Mansfield is a medical oncologist at Mayo Clinic with a focus on thoracic malignancies and early therapeutics. He is co-director of the Precision Cancer Therapeutics group within the Center for Individualized Medicine. He has played a significant role in clinical trials leading to FDA approval of agents in lung cancer including atezolizumab for small cell lung cancer, pralsetinib for RET-fusion non-small cell lung cancer and the combination of ipilimumab with nivolumab for mesothelioma. His laboratory runs many translational projects to discover and validate biomarkers in thoracic malignancies.